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Plumber tips

Avoid damage from leaky pipes

It pays to keep ahead on plumbing. If you spot early you can avid costly emergency call out fees.

Watch out for leaks in piping under your sinks. Fix an external dripping tap as soon as possible to avoid water damage to outside walls. Keep an eye around your washing machine and dishwasher.

When you go on holiday ask someone to check your home, and tell them where your stop cock is.

Careful in the winter

If you can then insulate external pipes for the winter months, especially joints and bends.

Turn off any indoor valves on pipes leading to outside taps. Repair any dripping taps early - if they freeze, they'll block your pipes and may cause problems to your central heating, and then you're in to big costs.

If your pipes do freeze, turn the water off at the mains and thaw them out slowly with hot water bottles. Never use a heat gun or blow torch to do this.

Keep your drains clear

Avoid putting any food waste down the sink, especially fat. When hot it looks like it will pour easily but as soon as it cools it blocks up bends.

Regularly clear out basins, baths and shower drains with a suitable cleaning agent to prevent blockages. Use a plumber's snake to remove any small blockages from your plumbing.

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