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The top things people dislike about organising home improvements

Research shows the biggest issues people have are finding tradesmen and problems with:

  1. High prices
  2. Low quality
  3. Time and effort
  4. Lack of control

Online comparison services like Checkatrade don't address the above issues. Most are simply directory services, shortlists of local tradesmen but still with the issues of quality, effort (arranging visits and organising quotations) and lack of control (difficulties comparing quotes, and controlling the precise work undertaken).

Priceatrade is very different.

Priceatrade puts you firmly in control - you list exactly what you need doing and tradesmen quote online within 24 hours. You can compare each quote, quickly and easily.

All online, and from the comfort of your computer.

No trademen calls, visits to your house, no briefing process, waiting for quotations and then struggling to comapre works proposed.

You decide what is needed and compare prices directly online.

And the saving made for tradesmen not having to visit and make quotations are passed on to you by the tradesmen so you can enjoy low, low prices.

Each tradesmen recommended is quality approved and conforms to our strict quality assurance scheme.

So now you have low prices, quality tradesmen, control, and the ability to compare tradesmen and appoint within 24 hours, stress free!

In the same way that Amazon has revolutionised online shopping, Priceatrade.com is doing the same thing for home improvements.



The great thing is you can use Priceatrade for all those jobs you have put on the shelf, thinking it wasn't worth the effort. Now it's just minutes away from organising. How it works.

How are prices so low?

It's actually quite simple - because prices are calculated online. In doing this we are saving the tradesman the cost of doing quotations for the work; the calls, home visits, and the writing up of quotations. This means for the same level of quality (and remember all of our recommened tradesmen are quality approved) the tradesman is able to pass on the saving to you in lower prices.

But don't take our word for it - just compare us and you will see. Our prices are often at leat 25% lower than average market prices.

Types of work?

You can use Priceatrade™ for any home improvement job; large or small. From a roof tile all the way up to a kitchen ref-fit Priceatrade covers the lot.

For more, go to our How it works page.

And the quality of work?

All of the tradesmen we recommend have been approved to strict quality levels, and conform to our Priceatrade Quality Assurance Charter. Also when we give you a shortlist of tradesmen who can do the work you can check their Profile page which details past work, certifications and user ratings.

Who are we?

Our team is made up of a mixture of online experts and managers from the trade. We started Priceatrade out of frustration.

We too had experienced the stresses of home improvements and trying to find tradesmen that could deliver quality. We couldn't understand why there wasn't something easy that could be used, something where you can instanlty see the price and the components - an online service where you could build a basket like Amazon, and instanlty see the prices.

We hope you enjoy our service, and only ask that in return you pass the word on so others can also benefit. As our service is new we are still building out the content so please keep checking back to see what other areas of home improvement we have added.

Priceatrade - love your home™

If you have any issues with our service, or want to give us some feedback, please contact us.

Priceatrade is a trading name of Jam Communications Ltd, a registered company in England and Wales. Company number 03971798.



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