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What does Priceatrade do?

Typical online services only ever show a directory of tradesmen. You still have to contact the tradesmen to get prices, have tradesmen visit your home, speak several times to chase quotations, etc.

The process can be time consuming, stressful, and with quotations often based on different work, it's almost impossible to make a decision.

With Priceatrade the process takes just minutes and you compare tradesmen and their prices online simply and easily.

You simply select the work required, view the guide prices*, and submit. Priceatrade matches your requirements to a shortlist of suitable tradesmen who return to your Priceatrade inbox, within 24 hours, their details and prices for viewing. *NB: Priceatrade only shows prices on the pages as a guide to help you plan your requirements. Actual prices for the work required are supplied by tradesmen after you submit your list of work required.

You will see backgrounds of each tradesman, their price for the work, details of previous work, and user ratings.

What can normally take 1-3 months now takes just 24 hours. And the service is completely free to use.

For more see How it works.

How do we ensure tradesmen deliver quality?

Each tradesman we recommend conforms to our Priceatrade Quality Assurance scheme. To be recommended Tradesmen must sign the Priceatrade Trade User Agreement, which stipulates a number of codes of conduct they must adhere to. Priceatrade constantly monitors members to ensure they continually abide by the rules of the scheme.

How do you already know tradesmen prices on your site?

Priceatrade only provides guide prices to the work you require. Once your requirements have been matched to suitable tradesmen you will then see their quotations for the work in your Priceatrade inbox.

Is this service free to use?

Yes, the site is completely free for homeowners to use, as many times as you want, and you are under no obligation whatsoever to use any of the tradesmen shown. The only payment you will make is to the tradesmen if you decide to appoint and carry out the work.

Are my details confidential?

100%. We will never pass your details to anyone. Only if and when you have decided on a tradesman to do the work will your contact details be released, and only to your chosen tradesman, no-one else. Priceatrade uses a fully secure SSL server (similar to those used by the largest UK and US banks).



Is there any commitment needed from my side?

No, if you decide not to use any of the tradesmen recommended on the site that is fine, but hopefully we’ll see you again soon. There is no obligation whatsoever to use any of the tradesmen recommended.



Is there any risk that the tradesmen will change the price when they visit my home to do the work?
No, not unless there are clear additional work requirements to complete the project or the items you have requested can't be fitted in your home, as per the terms of the Priceatrade Trade User Agreement.

The products you show on the site, are these the ones I must have?
The products shown as 'Supply and Fit' options are the ones the tradesman will use to complete the work (subject to availablility and specifics of the job and your property), but you could specify different products and agree any difference in price direct with the tradesman.

The contract for the work is between you and the tradesmen so you are free to adjust your requirements directly with them. There is also the options on our site to supply your own items using the 'Fit only' option'. You must try and replicate the specifications shown in the 'Supply and Fit' option, and again this may need to vary following conversations with your tradesman and the specifics of the job and your property.



Do you guarantee the work by the tradesmen?
No, our members abide by our Priceatrade Quality Assurance charter but the contract for the work and any guarantees of the work done and its quality is strictly between you and the tradesmen.

What if I don't know exactly what I need?
That's fine. When you get to the 'Work required' dropdown, you can select 'Not sure'. This will inform the relevant tradesmen to contact you to discuss further. The site still work in the same way, matching you to suitable tradesmen and showing you their profiles and past work. 

Who takes the payment?
We show you the prices on the site but your contract and payment is with your selected tradesman. This web service is completely free. No payments are taken from you by Priceatrade, only from any trademen you appoint in the normal way for the work they complete.

What if I have requested the wrong items for my house?
Your chosen tradesman will normally visit your house to check your items are suitable for your house. If there are changes required prices may need to change accordingly.

Changes may be needed for a number of reasons - dimensions of your rooms mean the item sizes are not suitable, or the required layout of the room means changes are needed, or other reasons. But this can be agreed with your tradesman, and they will always try to keep to the price quoted where possible. If you have designed your room and made correct measurements changes should be kept to a minimum. 


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