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Why become a member?

Priceatrade.com is unlike any other online trader site.

Instead of just providing contacts of homeowners looking for tradesmen it provides you with actual ready to do jobs. Jobs that have already been priced for the homeowner, and where the homeowner has viewed your profile and has selected your company to do the work.

Instead of the normal leads you receive which still need you to visit the homeowner, take a brief, and submit quotations; with a high risk of all that work leading to no business, here you receive ready to do jobs.

All you have to do is receive the contact details of the homeowner from us and arrange when you can carry out the work - simple.

You simply pay a monthly membership fee to Priceatrade, set your profile to the work you want to do, and each month we will send you 6 jobs. You will have an online member section where you can set locations you want to cover, and the type of work you want to offer; and you can change this as often as you want.

Contact us today to find out more or complete the simple form to get started.

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