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Why become a member?

Priceatrade.com is unlike any other tradesman comparison site.

Instead of a directory of tradesmen we take the requirements from the home owner and match this to 6 of the most suitable tradesmen and the prices for the work.

Instead of the normal process of enquiry > appointment at the homeowner's property > quotation > risk of not getting the work, Priceatrade gathers the requirements online and instantly matches to suitable tradesmen, presenting your profile and prices to the homeowner to select who to do the work.

The time consuming and costly quotation process is therefore a thing of the past. Instead you have instant jobs sent to you, it couldn't be simpler.


You just need to complete the Profile section, select the Locations ad Jobs you are prepared to do, adjust the guide prices to suit your business, and each month you will receive 6 ready-to-go Jobs. 

Contact us today to find out more or complete the simple form to get started.




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