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Priceatrade Quality Assurance

Each and every member of Priceatrade.com signs up to our Priceatrade Quality Assurance charter.

Members are carefully selected based on:

  • Previous experience

  • High standards of quality workmanship

  • Membership of trade associations (for example the Federation of Master Builders)

  • Regular review of workmanship by Priceatrade staff

Members must also agree to:

  • Be honest with you about the work they do

  • Ensure they honour the prices shown on the website (except in exceptional circumstances additional work is required to complete the project, and has been formally agreed by you  before the project starts)

  • Keep to appointments and be on time

  • Treat your property with respect (keeping your home in the way they found it)

  • Keep you informed throughout the project of the work and progress made

  • Deal with any issues and complaints promptly

  • Never demand cash payment

  • Have public liability insurance to ensure you and your property are covered for any work required

  • Never be threatening or abusive to a customer

All Priceatrade members are quality controlled before they are displayed on our website. 


Also please view the Trade User Agreement that each of our members signs up to.



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