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How it works for Trade

Member set up

First you register to join on this page.

We will then email you a confirmation and instructions to create your personal online account.

When you log in you will see you have 2 sections under the top right dropdown - Inbox and Settings.

Inbox is where new jobs will come in and Settings is where you need to set up your Profile page. The Profile page is where you need to detail your company details, past work, memberships, etc.) and the quality of information you provide here is important for maximising your chances of converting enquiries to work.

In the Settings section there is also a Types of Jobs page, where you need to select the jobs you want to be considered for, same for the Locations page. You can change these at any time to suit your workloads.

The Reviews page will fill automatically as Homeowners start to rate your services.

As a member of Priceatrade.com you must conform to the Trade User Agreement.

Receiving jobs

Each month you will receive approximately 6 jobs in to your Priceatrade inbox. 

When a job arrives in to your inbox you simply click to accept the job. Priceatrade then sends your price (based on your member settings section) to the homeowner's inbox to decide if they want to proceed.

If selected you will receive the Homeowners contact details to make direct contact and arrange next steps.

At the end of the work the Homeowner can rate your services which will help you going forward to receive further work.

We look forward to working with you and hope you enjoy the service.





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