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How much is a plumber

It's a fair question to ask how much a plumber will cost. Most plumbers however, particularly for emergency repairs, will charge by the hour and the time needed can sometimes be difficult to estimate. Priceatrade attempts to change this by offering fixed prices for set pieces of plumber work.

How much for plumber services

Let's look some of the areas of work and how much a plumber will charge (prices exclude cost of materials):

Plumber costs for installation work

Plumber to fit a bath tub: £170 - £290 (whether it is acrylic or steel)

Fit new taps: £60

Fit a full bathroom suite: £400

Plumber costs for repair work

Plumber to repair the tilet flush system £100

Plumber to repair water pressure by fitting a water pump £240

Plumber to repair central heating with a power flush £395

Fix leaky outside tap by fitting new £120

Fix burst outdoor water pipe £90

Replace kitchen sink: £105

The great thing about Priceatrade is that all plumber prices are fixed - either per job or per hour, so you know exactly where you stand. Now you CAN say exactly how much a plumber costs. NB: This obviously excludes emergency repairs and the need to charge call out fees.

Addititonal plumber costs to consider

Following on from the above point regarding emergency call out plumbers costs, here are some other considerations.

Tiling work

Allow for tiling costs the plumber may need to charge for.  When fitting a bath for example or repairing a flood, tiling may need to be repaired and you will need to consider additional tiles and fitting costs in to your budget.

Emergency call outs

As mentioned above if your burst is in office hours at least you will get service, but at all times if you need a plumber instantly you will need to expect an additional emergency call out charge.

Plumbers may not need a power flush

Power flushes are a little over rated. Sometimes a full power flush can be replaced by some localised blockage removal work. Also if you do need a power flush, expect it to take a day. If a plumber says to allow for 1-2 hours, be wary.


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