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Install a garden summer house

With the lockdown and most of us working from home, more and more people are installing summer houses, either to provide a home office or as an added feature and base for spending more time in the garden.

Whichever it is they are simply a glorious way to spend the days and evenings getting closer to nature over a glass of wine!


Benefits of a summer house

Famous writers enjoy the quiet serenity of the garden to create their best works. George Bernard Shaw did much of his writing in his, whilst summer houses often featured in works by Walter Scott and Charles Dickens.

The Mandaris people of ancient China would use their summerhouses to rejuvenate their minds and body, the garden pavikion was the Japanese favoured place to celebrate their tea ceremony.

For the English it became a place to read, write, dine; even a studio, or home office. Or just a place to enjoy a drink with friends as the sun sets over the garden.

There's so many uses for a summer house:

1. It can provide extra living space to your home, especially if you install insulation and electrics

2. An office to avoid lengthy work commutes

3. Enjoy your garden longer, not constrained by the weather. Sit undercover and enjoy the birds and wildlife.

4. A games room. Ever wanted a place for table football?

5. Accommodation for guests. Instead of a costly extension a summerhouse can be used as a bedroom.

6. A fitness centre. Save on costly gym memberships.

7. A study. Somewhere for you or your children to read.

Types of summer house

There are 6 main types:


A modern design using a tilted roof and large windows.



More traditional design typically using Georgian windows and apex roof.

Corner summer houses

Ideal when space is limited, using those unused areas of the garden.


For smaller gardens or lower budgets.

Log cabin style

Using sturdier materials and fittngs for extra durability and strength.

Summer house Sheds

A place to escape and also to store garage items all in one.

How much do they cost?

Costs can vary quite a bit depending on the size and features required.

A typical small to medium summer house will cost between £800 to £4000, excluding assembly; where a much larger summer house with different rooms, electricity, heating and double glazing can move over £10,000 quite easily.

Things to consider

Is planning permission required?

Most summer houses are classed as 'permitted development' and therefore do not require permission.

However there are some exceptions where you may need to get permission:

- you live in a conservation area

- the summer house will be positioned within 5 metres of the main house

- you want to place between your house and the road

- the summer house is likely to cover more than 50% of your grounds

Do building regulations apply?

Unlikely as it is classed as a temporary structure, but if you have plumbing and electrics installed it is best to check with your local authority Building Control Department.

Can I build it myself?

This will depend on how many are able to help, if you have the right tools and the level of complexity required (if you need plumbing and electrics).

Next steps

If you would prefer an expert to supply and install, please click here and select Garden Work>Outdoor Buildings> Summer Houses.


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