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Garden Pergolas

Installing a Pergola can be the perfect idea to provide shade and style to your garden.

Pergola v Pergoda v Pagoda

Firstly what's the difference between pergolas, pergodas and pagodas? 

A pergola is a wooden garden feature traditionally used to provide a shaded walkway, passageway or seated area in the garden. A pergoda is similar in that it provides a shaded seating area, but not as a walkway. A pagoda is common to Asia used for mediatation and store ancient relics. Traditional Pagodas are easily recognisable due to their tiered tower design with multiple eaves, usually decoratedwith traditional oriental designs.


The origin of the word is the latin word pergula, refering to a projecting eave.

Popularity of pergolas grew in the late 19th century and early 20th century. A particularly extensive pergola is featured at the gardens of The Hill in Hampstead, designed by Thomas Mawson.

A multitude of pergola designs

There seems to be an unending range of pergola designs, making it a truley versatile addition to the garden. 

Porch style pergola

Used to enhance an entrance and match up with a complimentary design of patio, this approach can really add that sense of occassion to eh entrance area.

Corner cabin pergola

Nestling the pergola in the garden corner provides a sheltered nook for sociallising with friends. 

Arch pergola

Providing a feature to join two parts of a garden.

Tunnel style pergola

If you enjoy a much larger garden you could create a passageway lined with climbers.

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Cost of pergolas

Percolas at Screwfix range from £279.99 for an arch percola up to £899.99 for a pergola and patio deck kit.

Installing a pergola

Some of the simpler percolas can be installed yourself, but in reality for the more complex designs with decking and patio you may need to turn to a tradesman.

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