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How much to fit a bathroom

A difficult subject normally but with Priceatrade you can effectively price the whole room to your requirements; item by item, and see the prices instantly.

No more intakes of breadth from the bathroom specialist with "Well, it depends.....let me think about it".

Bathroom specialist prices

With Priceatrade.com you get a fixed price for each component of the room, and each component has been worked out using time and motion studies to ensure the get the very best price. 

The price of your project simply depends on the changes you need.

But prices very much depend on the changes you want. Prices can change very quickly if walls need to be moved, water pumps need to be installed, new lighting added, electrical re-wiring needed, new water tanks adding, new underfloor plumbing fitted, and the extent of the re-tiling.

Also the types of materials used will have a large impact on prices - the design and quality of the suite, and the type of tiling (marble being 3-4 times the cost of ceremics).

How to control the costs?

Labour is relatively fixed in the average bathroom, as mentioned above the biggest variations will come from the suite you choose and the tiles. You can keep the costs down a bit if you do the painting yourself, and shop around for the suite. Also you don't need to opt for marble tiling to get the marble look.

Tiles designs now can make a good impression of marble in simple ceramics.

Ongoing costs

Make sure you think about longer term running costs, then you can claw back the installation costs over the longer term. 

Replacing that old water cylinder with a better insulated new version can reduce your heating bills. Same goes for the wall radiator. Replacing it with a thermostatically controlled version will save on heating. Also think about a timer and immersion heater for your new cylinder. This will mean you can heat the water in the summer without cranking on the central heating.

Finally make sure you brief your bathroom specialist to have access points fitted for the new plumbing. You need to have removeable panels so plumbers can access piping should you have the misfortune to spring a leak in the future.

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