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Bathroom prices

How much should you be paying for your bathroom?

As with all home improvement projects the price depends on the design and extent of work required, as well as the size of the room. let's go through the different areas.

Installing yourself or using a tradesmen

You need to first decide if you are prepared to install yourself or leave it to a professional. Unless you are qualified as a plumber, tiler or electrician we would advise to use tradesmen. In the longer run you will save time and money.

Electrical work required

Either because of the age of the current room or your requirements to change to lighting and wall sockets, there could be sigificant electrical work. Things you may want to add to the room include installing a hair dryer, having sockets for shavers etc, including an extractor fan in the ceiling, and installing a power shower. This could cost around £300-500.


Tiling is more tricky than it looks, particularly if you want all tiles parallel with the same gaps and planned well in to the corners, including the cutting of smaller tiles in gaps. Floor tiles are an additional challenge given their increased thickness - cutting is difficult if you don't invest in quality cutting equipment, and again planning sizes and shapes to complete your area really needs an expert. Look at around £800-1200 (excluding tile costs) for a 12x6 floor area. In terms of the tiles used you could opt for ceramic to keep costs down but on the other hand an investment in marble can really set this room off.

Plumbing work

A good part of the budget needs to be set aside for plumbing. Replacing the toilet with something more modern and efficient, installing a shower instead of your bath, and fitting need piping and taps to the sink are a few of the main areas. Expect £700-£1000 for a typical room.

The Bathroom Suite

Suites can be around £1000. But you can pay double this something a bit different.

Removing your existing suite and tiles

A cost worth remembering when you are budgeting. There's quite a bit to remove and disposing of. The average cost for removing and disposing is around £500.

Summary of prices

Electrical work

Price: £300-£500

Time: 5-7 hours


Price: £500-£600 (Walls), £300-£500 (Floor), excluding tile costs

Time: 2 days 


Price: £700-£1000

Time: 2 days

Gutting and disposal

Price: £500

Time: 6-7 hours

You can find some useful tips on this Mumsnet blog

Want some tips on how to cut the price?

Which? has a good set of tips including:

  • Finding a fitter yourself (instead of the one from the bathroom suppier)
  • Sourcing the components yourself
  • Negotiating on the final price paid

Read more here

Note on bathroom prices shown

An important note on the above prices - all exclude the item cost. With Priceatrade you can build your requirements either as fit only or with the item. Obviously if you supply your own items you will need to ensure they are similar to the ones we show or the price may need to change. 


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