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Bathroom prices

As with all home improvement projects the price depends on the design and extent of work required.

The great thing about Priceatrade is how you can you build your requirements item by item, which each item a fixed price, so you complete your basket to see the final price. No quotations, no ranges of price, just one fixed price, and a price that is highly competitive.

You will see this as you use the site, but for now let's give you an idea of some of the price ranges for areas of work.

Range of bathroom prices

The bathroom prices below are for the work, you will still need to add the price of the item, and Priceatrade offers a choice of items for each job.

Fitting a new basin - this would include removing the old basin,  and fitting a new basin in to the same position, includin all required plumbing. Price £120

Fitting a new toilet - removing old toilet, fitting new toilet in the same position. Price £135

Fitting a new bath - bathroom prices vary for this work given the variation of baths and the varying work required as a result, so here we have a range. Price £170-£290

Tile a small bathroom - this depends on the tiles and the area. So here we show a per metre price. The price includes removing the old tiles, make good the walls, tile and grout. Price for ceramic tiles is £22 per metre, marble tiles £35.

Fitt new taps - £120.

Note on bathroom prices shown

An important note on the above prices - all exclude the item cost. With Priceatrade you can build your requirements either as fit only or with the item. Obviously if you supply your own items you will need to ensure they are similar to the ones we show or the price may need to change.  



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