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Roof costs

A roof can cost anywhere from £2,000 to £40,000+. What drives the price, apart from the size and shape of your roof is the materials used.

Concrete tiles

The most cost effective roof tile is the large format concrete tile. There are numerous shapes on the market from flat to profiled shapes, such as a double roman. A tile that has a curved cross section, is ultimately stronger than a flat one and more efficient at shedding water off the roof.

Most affordable premium roof covering

If you are interested in using natural materials and value how your roof will look five to ten years in the future, then consider large format clay tiles. They will cost 20-30% more than concrete but being natural they have a nice colour which won't fade over its lifetime.

Plain tiles

Traditional plain tiles are popular because of their small size and shape.


If you are looking for the most affordable option and have no strict planning requirements, then the most cost effective option is the large format flat concrete tile, in a slate colour.
If there are no planning restrictions then instead of flat large format concrete tile, consider a profiled option, as this offers better value for money.
To find out more about costs, go to the home page, select Roofer and move through the options to find the roofing you need and estimate prices.
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Roof costs

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