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Kitchen design tips

Some kitchen design tips from tradesmen members....

Plan a triangle

Before using Priceatrade or briefing tradesman, you should develop a layout plan, and you should plan a triangle between the sink, fridge and cooker; with no more than 6 feet between each.

Think big when it comes to storage

So many people underestimate how mucg storage space they will need. A good kitchen design tip is to have overhead cabinets go stright up to the ceiling; no point in stopping then short of the ceiling which just provides in inaccessible place for dust to gather.

Plan storage for your pot, pans and appliances; go for deep drawers.

Don't forget under unit lighting

Make sure you have light directed from under the cabinets to your surfaces. Relying just on overhead lighting will mean you have shadows when cooking etc.


Think power sources

A lot of people forget to plan in the power sources. You need plenty of sockets, and also when planning check that leads will reach the sockets. It would be a shame if your new built in dishwasher needed a messy arrnagement of cable extensions.

Plan for surfaces

Make sure you have plenty of surface areas, nt just from a practicality point of view but surfaces give a nice clean feel to your kitchen. Careful not to use tiled surfaces as the grout will eventuality hold the dirt. Stainless stell is also a problem with scratching. Ideally granite tops but budgets may be limited.

Think kids

Plan also for safety. Think about hazards for kids. Even if you don't have kids yourself it may affect the saleability of the house when you come to move. Go for rounded corners, slip-resistant flooring and ovens located at adult height to minimize the chances of accidental burns.

Load of rubbish

Plan for your rubbish containers and recycling requirements. Ideally get the built in drawers that hold the bins to hide them away and make light of arranging the different bins. The built in drawers are a nice touch adding value to your kitchen.

Weigh up the flooring options

You really should invest in the floor but think about the pros and cons. Natural stone looks fantastic and is hard wearing but dangerous for kids (can be slippery and dangerous to fall on), and will require regular treatment to keep sealed, Hardwood is better for grip but wears quicker around the regular traffic areas like fridges and cookers.

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Kitchen design tips

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