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Affordable home improvements

Here's our top 10 affordable home improvements that could add value to your house and, more importantly, give you an enhanced quality of life.

#1 Replace your doors

Replacing your internal doors is a great home improvement that's affordable and can have a dramtic effect on the feel of your home. New doors can instantly change the style of your home and has an instant impression to visitors entering the house; updating these can be cheaper than you think (from just £122 per door on Priceatrade including labour).

#2 Update your kitchen cabinet doors

You might not be able to afford to replace them (although again you will surprised at how cheap they can be done if your cabinets are in good shape), but a simple painting exercise can freshen things up.

#3 Fix the trees

Remove those stumps that have been looking at you for years and trim the tree branches. A tidy up here really shows visitors you care.

#4 Have a clear out

If you are planning to sell, clutter can instantly put buyers off the property.

People want to imagine themselves in the space they're looking to buy and that's easier if the space looks less lived-in and personal.

#5 Re-grout the bathroom

Scrape out the old grout that has coloured/got mouldy and put in new grout. It instantly looks like a new bathroom fit. The floors particularly benefit, but choose a grey colour and not white (unless you have white tiles) and then it will age better over time.

#6 Freshen up your lighting

This is a great home improvement thats affordable. Make an effort to go through your house changing lighting, Again an instant transformation that gives you that new house feel-good factor. Also go for higher wattage bulbs to bring additional light to rooms.

#7 Re-purpose your spare room

If you have a room not being used, clear it out and design it for a purpose. Convert it to a study or a small gym. It doesn't need to be a large room but giving it a new name gives your home a new excitement and fresh feel.

#8 Pressure wash your driveway and patio

Clean up the large areas outside. Buying a steam cleaner can transform your patio to look like new. Just be careful about the cement between the slabs - some washers can be over powered and clean away some of the materials holding your patio in place!

#9 Fit thermostats

A great one to add value and cut your heating costs. Install thermostats to each radiator. You can then set each individually to suit the needs of the room. So instead of some rooms being completely cold and some too hot where you end up turning down the whole heating system, now you can tailor to your house.

#10 Install a patio

Adding a patio adds a new dimension and iving space to your house. A great home improvements idea, and don't skimp on adding lighting - this give the area a great feel, makes it useable in the evenings (great in the warm summer evenings with friends) and adds value to the house.


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