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Flooring costs

Which? conducted a survey and the table was produced below in 2012.

Carpet and floor fitting costs and completion times

NB: All prices include labour and materials but exclude VAT.

Job Details Typical price quoted Price range Typical time to complete job
Survey conducted in July 2012.
Carpet - small room Room size approx 10'10” x 9'10” (3.3m x 3m). A standard 80/20 carpet (80% wool 20% polypropylene). Including gripper rods, 10mm foam underlay, one door plate. Based on the assumption that the room is clear of furniture and old carpets have been removed. £320 £289-£344 1–2 hours
Carpet - medium room Room size approx 15'2”. £451 £410-£500 2 hours
Carpet - large room Room size approx 17'2”. £640 £585-£710 2–3 hours
Remove and dispose of existing carpet and underlay (one room) n/a n/a £25-£55 0.5 hours
Laminate floor - small kitchen Room size approx 10' x 6' (3.05m x 1.83m). Price includes basic beech effect laminate, 3mm foam underlay and one door plate. Based on the assumption that old flooring has been removed and the floor needs no further preparation. £220 £195-£275 2–4 hours
Laminate floor - medium kitchen Room size approx 10'10”. £365 £318-£421 4-6 hours
Laminate floor - large kitchen Room size approx 17'6”. £575 £545-£725 0.5-1 day
Lay sheet vinyl - small bathroom Room size approx 7' x 7'1”. £125 £115-£148 1–2 hours
Lay sheet vinyl - medium bathroom Room size approx 10'2”. £163 £150-£199 2 hours
Lay sheet vinyl - large bathroom Room size approx 13'4”. £268 £236-£308 2–3 hours
Lay solid oak flooring - small room Room size approx 8'10”. £650 £600-£699 0.5–1 day
Lay solid oak flooring - medium room Room size approx 14'10”. £1,171 £1,008-£1,204 1–1.5 days
Lay solid oak flooring – large room Room size approx 20' x 16'6” (6.1m x 5.03m). Price includes standard oak flooring. Based on the assumption that the floor is flat and has been suitably prepared. £1,806 £1,635-£

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Flooring costs

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