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Cost of an electrician

The cost can sometimes be difficult to quote up front as it depends what's found, how long it takes to repair and what equipment is needed.

Which? conducted a survey in 2012 and came up with the following useful table.

Electrician costs and completion times

NB: All of these prices include labour and materials but exclude VAT.

Job Details Typical price quoted Price range Typical time to complete job
Survey conducted in July 2012
Replace light fitting Remove standard rose and replace with new light fitting supplied by customer. £37 £30-£50 0.5-1 hour
Perform an electrical inspection report Safety check on electrical wiring in standard three-bed semi detached house. £150 £120-£180 4–8 hours
Replace consumer unit Supply and fit a new consumer unit for standard three-bed semi-detached house. £350 £300-£433 0.5-1 day
Install electric shower Supply and fit an 8.5kw electric shower. £300 £240-£380 0.5-1 day
Install a light in loft Supply and fit light in loft with switch outside loft hatch. Assuming no light already exists. £95 £70-£140 2–3 hours
Replace old strip lighting in kitchen with LED downlighters n/a £330 £250-£400 5–8 hours
Install an outdoor power socket Fit a double socket on an external wall. £100 £79-£125 1-3 hours
Install two extra double sockets in lounge Supply and fit two double sockets (white). £120 £100-£160 2–4 hours
Replace standard light switch with a dimmer switch n/a £50 £35-£60 0.5-1 hour
Fit an electric cooker Fit a single fan electric oven. Assuming all power is already in place. Customer supplying oven. £45 £35-£60 1 hour
Repair a damaged power cable on vacuum cleaner or other similar appliance n/a £40 £30-£50 0.5-1 hour
Install an external security light Supply and fit an external security light – movement sensitive. £100 £79-£130 1–3 hours (dependent on how close light is to electrical supply and length of cable required)
Completely rewire average two-bed terraced house Remove old wires and fittings, install new wiring and fittings – six rooms including kitchen and bathroom. £2,500 £2,183-£3,000 5–8 days
Completely rewire average three-bed semi-detached house Remove old wires and fittings, install new wiring and fittings - eight rooms including kitchen and bathroom. £3,200 £2,838-£4,000 6–10 days
Completely rewire average four-bed detached house Remove old wires and fittings, install new wiring and fittings - 10 rooms i

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Cost of an electrician

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