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How much do carpenters cost?

A difficult one as it very much depends on the exact work required, given the tailored nature of capentry.

Which? ran a survey in 2012, so this should give you a rough guide.

NB: costs include labour and materials but exclude VAT.

Job Details Typical price quoted Price range Typical time to complete job
Survey conducted in July 2012.
Build a garden shed Build an 8m x 6m shiplap shed (with preassembled panels). Assuming that customer is providing own shed and concrete base is in place. n/a £96-£100 1 day
Build a garden fence To construct a garden fence with 10 6m x 5m panels including posts and capping. Price includes labour plus all materials. £850 £665-£1,113 1–2 days
Make a wooden sash window frame Make timber replacement frame (double glazed) for a sash window measuring 1.2m x 1.8m. Includes labour and materials, excludes glass. n/a £370-£770 1–2 days
Construct a built-in wardrobe (double size) Build one double sized built-in wardrobe with: two doors; one top shelf; one clothes rail; one shoe shelf running the length of the wardrobe. £550 £395-£775 2-3 days
Build book shelves in lounge Build eight MDF shelves in alcove between chimney breast and side wall. Width approx 2m. No painting required. n/a £180-£382 1–1.5 days
Hang new doors – two-bed terraced house Hang eight new doors and plane to fit as required. Customer to provide doors. £310 £240-£480 1–2 days
Hang new doors – three-bed semi-detached house Hang 10 new doors and plane to fit as required. Customer to provide doors. £400 £300-£600 2–3 days
Hang new doors – four-bed detached house Hang 12 new doors and plane to fit as required. Customer to provide doors. £465 £360-£720 2-4 days
Lay oak flooring Lay solid oak flooring in a hallway 1.5m x 3m. Assume floor is flat and prepared. Customer to supply flooring. £170 £123-£231 1 day
Board loft in a standard three-bed semi - £476 £313-£557 1–2 days
Supply and fit skirting board in one room Supply and fit skirting board. Softwood. Approx 120mm high and 15mm thick in a room 14'10”. £200 £163-£273 0.5-1 day


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How much do carpenters cost?

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