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Tips of using Tree Surgeons

Overgrown trees can be a nuisance - whether it's because they put your garden in darkness or shed too many leaves, or maybe thy're getting too close to the house for comfort and risking your foundations or windows.

Or you might be getting the hints from the neighbours if they are starting to encroach. Whatever the reason there are some important considerations before getting underway.

Doing it yourself or hiring a Tree Surgeon

Things to consider include

  1. How large is the tree
  2. How close to important parts of your property
  3. Do you have the right tools
  4. Do you know how to prune to preserve the health of the tree


The cost for a Tree Surgeon will depend on a few factors: the height of the tree, the variety (some are simply easier to cut and work with), if branches are overhanging, and if they are overhanging a public area (which might need a temporary closure), and if the waste needs removing or chipping. 


This industry is known for over0inflated prices - so be diligent and compare several tradesmen. Also make sure you know what you are paying for - for example will take the tree away, will they grind the stump, will they charge if access is difficult. So ask loads of questions.

Compare carefully

Once quotes have been gathered, you should not only compare them against one another, but with national averages too. The two following examples assume that all waste is removed and the stump is ground down.

Example 1 – A small multi-stemmed birch tree needs to be completely removed. These trees are one of the simpler varieties to prune, and the job’s around half a day’s work for a two-man team. Outside London, prices are likely to vary between £300 and £500. For those living in the capital and immediate areas, prices could be as high as £750.

Example 2 – A large oak tree has grown to over 100 feet tall needs felling. It’s also growing in a site with poor access. Removal of such a vast tree needs a team of five, including two professional tree surgeons. There are several tonnes of waste material to remove too. In London, competitive quotes could be between £3,000 and £4,250, whilst they’ll be between £2,500 and £3,500 across the rest of the country.

You can find more information here but then use the site to get comparative quotations.

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Tips of using Tree Surgeons

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