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Felt roofs

If you are considering re-roofing your felt roof at home, below is an article on tips and advice you might find helpful.

Re-roofing your shed yourself

Re-roofing your shed may not require a tradesman if you are reasonably handy and have some additional help. Below are some tips on how to do it. 

Step 1: Kit required

- Shed roofing felt - you can order a roll of felt on Amazon for around £50 for a 10 x 1 metre roll.

- Roofing Felt Clout nails (important not to use normal nails - they need to be galvanised and with large heads)

- Ladder

- Hammer

- Screwdriver

- Stanley Knife

- Some extra help from someone

Step 2: Remove old roof

Don't simply lay the new felt on the old. First it means the new roof won't be able to ley flat, and second it may hide problems you need to address before laying the new roof on.

Use the claw of a hammer to remove nails and a Stanley knife to cut away remaining felt.

Step 3: Measure and cut new roof

Cut the strips allowing for the overhang and if the ends slot in to any wood paneling.

Step 4: Laying the roof

To lay a sloping roof start from the bottom so you are overlapping the next piece over. Measure and cut your first piece so that it overhangs the roof on three sides, enough to cover the side panels. Tack a few nails in to secure, then if happy secure fully with nails, remembering to fold the corners. 

Apply other sheets, and after cutting to size it is best to roll the sheet before taking up to the roof. It's easier to handle and you can position easier on the roof.

Work up from both sides of the roof so you have a single piece to go on the apex. Be careful to centre this well to give the best appearance. 

Use what seems an excessive amount of nails to bolt eveything else. In a strong wind any loose areas could work loose otherwise.

Step 5: For extra durability

You can use a range of different bitumen based adhesives and sealants between the layers, also you can buy tape to tape over the nail heads to help seal further (although the tar in the felt should seal well enough around the nails).

Here's a useful video:

Cost to re-roof a shed

If you would prefer a tradesman to replace your roof, you should expect to pay around £20 per square metre, and probably a minimum payment of £150 for the work.

Just select Roofer on the dropdown on the homepage and choose your options to see prices and search for tradesmen.

Re-roofing a flat roof on your house

Obviously when it comes to your house there is far more to consider - how long it will last, the level of quality, how it will insulate and how to ensure it is 100% guaranteed waterproof. In most cases you should use a professional roofer, and in most cases you should choose an asphalt roof over felt for durability, strength and quality.

To find a professional roofer simply go to the homepage, select Roofer from the dropdown menu and make your selections. Within 24 hours you will be able to compare individual tradesmen prices and backgrounds of tradesmen in your Priceatrade.com inbox.

If however you are happy to repair the roof yourself, below is a useful video using a sealant paint approach.


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