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Plasterer Renderer

Plasterer v Renderer: the difference?

Both are coverings to block work, but rendering is for the outside of the home and plaster work is for the inside.

The main difference is the consistency of the mortar. Rendering contains a higher level of cement than plaster to give it its weather resistant qualities.

When are plasterers needed?

If you are creating extensions, stud partition divides or repairing damaged walls you will need a plasterer in.

What a plasterer will do

The plasterer will start the job with either a solid surface or wire lathing that is attached to the surface. For many projects, an even coat of gypsum will be applied so the plaster adheres.

The use of gypsum is particularly helpful when plastering concrete walls.

After the gypsum the plasterer will apply a 'finish coat'. This is plaster that is made with a lime base. 

When to render?

Rendering can improve the waterproofing and fire rating of a building, but the primary reason for doing it is aesthetic.

How does a renderer work

The main ingredients used are cement, sand and lime.

Lime gives the render a creamier texture and makes it more elastic and less prone to cracking after it dries.

Other ingredients used in rendering mixes include pigments, bonding agents and additives to slow the drying process.

Rendering is a graula process, applying thin, smooth coats. The top coat may be applied with a trowel, a brush, a hessian bag or a sponge, to suit the texture required. There are now new rendering products on the market - such as acrylic pre-mixed rendering which has greater waterproofing properties and can be applied to more difficult surfaces.


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