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Painter decorator

Here we look at some advice if you need to bring a painter or decorator in to your home for home improvements.

Decorator for Wallpapering

This job is likely to take longer, and cost more, if there are lots of 'obstacles' such as chimney breasts, doors and windows to wallpaper around.

Process for removing Artex from a ceiling

In severe cases the ceiling would need to be reboarded, then plastered and painted. But the traders we surveyed told us that, in most cases, they would be able to cover up the Artex by plastering on top. Time and costs will be dependent on the condition of the ceiling.

Using a painter for painting a room

Most painters told us that they would apply two coats for a professional finish. Typical times allow for two visits, as the first coat would need time to dry. For painting upstairs and downstairs hallway and stairs, allow an additional two to three days if you want woodwork and ceilings painted too.

Banisters, in particular, are a fiddly and time-consuming job.

Painters for the exterior of the house

It depends on your house, but traders will probably need scaffolding to complete this job safely. Scaffolding is expensive and could add a lot to your quote.


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