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Kitchen Repair Specialists

Here we want to outline the types of kitchen repair possible, which have the biggest impact and benefit to your home, and how to work with a kitchen repair specialist to get the most from your investment.

Areas of kitchen repair

Kitchen Worktop repair

Repairing or changing your kitchen worktop can have a dramatic effect on your kitchen. Choosing the right type of worktop needs careful consideration - each has its own set of advantages.

Think about practicalities - if you have children then a children that marks easily like glass is not a good idea.

If you're in to cooking, maybe consider a heat resistant material like granite particularly if you need to place pans on surfaces near the hob. If hygene is the priority consider stainless steel or Corian. But remember stainless steel scratches over time.

So even before you can start talking to a kitchen repair specialist about worktops, thnk carefully about the material.

Hardwood - nice and bright and relatively easy to fit, but remeber you will need to seal on a regular basis.

Composite - flexible as it can be thermoformed to fit difficult shapre areas. Price per linear metre around £300.

Granite - lovely look, highly durable, water resistant and can be quite flexible these days for awkward shapes. Price per square metre.

Laminate - ok look, but very cheap compared to granite and composite. Price per linear metre is around £20-30.

Glass - only for a modern kitchen. Price about £300 per linear metre.

Stainless steel - very hygenic and the scratches (if you are ok with them) don't affect its hygene properties. Price per linear metre £250.

Kitchen unit repair

An low cost way to quickly update your ktichen is to replace the kitchen unit fronts. As long as the units are in good order it's relatively inepensive to have a kitchen repair specialist replace your unit fronts.


Kitchen flooring repair

What about a new floor? See our range of tile and flooring options.

Briefing a kitchen repair specialist

Know your design

Draw out the layout of the kitchen. If you are planning some movement of areas and layout chnages you need to draw it out accurately so you can order the right materials and the right kitchen repair specialist.

Know your materials

Decide on the materials you want. Go to stores and look at displays. Talk it over with friends. As we have shown above there are a variety of options each with its own set of pros and cons.

Know your measurements

Measure up careful and encorporate the measurements on your drawings so you are sure exactly what you need and how much of each.




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