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How to add value to your home during COVID19 lockdown?


Now we are all home based with more time on our hands, now is a good time to either do those jobs on the house list or at least be present for tradesmen to come in (at least 6 foot away of course!).

Here are some thoughts on things that can make a big impact on the value of your home.

Go gardening mad

Get weeding, cut down those trees you've always wanted to remove and let the light in.

Tree surgeons are in demand at the moment as homeowners across the country think the same thing, but search quickly and easily on Priceatrade.com.

Lay wood chippings in your beds, paint your fences and walls.

Re-lay or replace your patio. Give your bench a re-paint. Clean out the shed. More on Gardening ideas and advice.



Tidy up your flower beds. Rid your beds of those pesky weeds and build a plan for which vibrant annuals and delicious edibles you'll be planting after the last fost date.

Put in a decking area, maybe with a sitting area.

Get Smart

Upgrade your home with Smart appliances. Try installing a smart thermostat so your heating system can learn your routine and keep your bills lower.

Other Smart systems that can be installed include lighting, security cameras and speakers.

Paint your front door

Painting your door can make a big impact on the presentation of your home.

OK, you're not getting may visitors right now, but why not give bored neighbours something nice to look at when they venture out for a walk? More and painting and decorating.

Put up a new backsplash

Something simple as a backsplash that runs the length of your countertops can transform your kitchen.


Find some unique mosaic tiles and invest some time in the most used rooms of the house. More on kitchens and kitchen specialists.

Reorganise your garage

How many times have you promised yourself you'd work on getting your garage tidy? Clear out items you don't need (the tips are starting to re-open now) and put up shelving to keep organised going forward.

Tweek your guttering

Check the guttering for leaks, clear out the leaves and do a general tidy up. You'll be surpised the difference tidy guttering can make. Information on Drainage work.


Update your bathroom and kitchen hardware

Replacing old knobs and drawer handles can be time-consuming but if you're already stuck at home, you might as well tick it off the list, and again it can make a big difference. Some DIY outlets are open. More on Kitchens.



A word of caution though - aim to visit shops at off-peak times, keep your distance from other customers, wipe down items when you get them home, and always wash your hands. Luckily more DIY outlets are big enough to spread out, and if you plan it all in advance you can gather everything you need in one visit.

Get organised with a shed

Why not fit a shed/new shed to tidy the garden and make room in the garage?



Finally - fences

Three reasons why you should tackle your fences.

Privacy. Some people are social by nature and enjoy nothing more than an impromptu chat with a neighbour. But maybe you're not that type. Maybe you want the option to spend some time gardening solo, lounging in the backyard with a book. In that regard, a fence is a wonderful thing because it can give you instant privacy when you need it. 

Security. Having a fence is particularly valuable when you have children and pets for two reasons: It keeps your kids and animals in, and it keeps uninvited visitors out. With a fence, you may feel comfortable letting your younger children run around the yard while you sit on your deck reading or letting your dog run around unleashed.

Increased value. Installing a fence is a great way to add to the value of your home. Not only might potential buyers appreciate the added privacy and security, but if you put up a fence that's aesthetically pleasing, you could end up boosting your home's curb appeal. More on fencing.


There's so much you can do to make a difference, and it's so easy when you use Priceatrade.com to find your tradesmen, try it today. It's free to use and you can see prices from approved tradesmen straight from your PC or mobile. Click here to start.
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