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Garden work prices

Garden work prices

Which? ran a survey in 2012 and below provides a guide on prices and timings.

Gardening prices and completion times

NB: All prices include labour and materials but exclude VAT.

Job Details Typical price quoted Price range Typical time to complete job
Survey conducted in July 2012.
Mow lawn Mow lawn approx 20m x 10m. Cost of doing job once, but based on a regular weekly job. £30 £20-£35 1 hour
Lay a patio Lay a patio approx 4m x 2m of basic, square paving slabs. Assumption that ground is currently laid to lawn and flat. £800 £625-£1,050 1-2 days
Remove existing patio and lay to lawn Remove a paved patio of 4m x 2m. Replace with lawn. £475 £350-£661 1-2 days
Build a decked area Build a decked area in a garden. 2.5m x 4m. Assume area is flat and currently laid to lawn. £880 £700-£1,050 1-2 days
Build a garden shed Build an 8' x 6' shiplap shed. Shed purchased by customer. Working on the assumption that flat base is already in place. £150 £100-£176 0.5–1 day
Build a garden fence Construct a garden fence with ten 6' x 5' panels including posts and capping. Includes price of labour plus all materials. £760 £635-£900 1-2 days
Create two raised beds (1.5m x 4m) for vegetable patch Assuming that ground is currently laid to lawn. n/a £215-£675 1–2 days
Build a small rockery Including rocks and plants. £350 £220-£400 1 day
Build a shingle garden path Build a shingle path, approx 1m x 6m. n/a £200-£500 0.5–1 day
Build a garden pond Includes digging the hole, lining and filling a pond of approximately 1.5m diameter. £507 £400-£713 1-2 days
Bring an overgrown garden back to life Weed, prune and mow an overgrown garden left untended for more than a year. Garden approximately 20m x 10m – assuming it is currently laid to lawn with shrub borders on three sides. Dispose of all waste. £450 £260-£750 (depending on type of shrubs to be removed and amount of waste to dispose of) 1–3 days (depending on type and volume of shrubs)
Trim garden hedge Assuming existing hedge is approximately 10m long and 2m high. Needs trimming on top and both sides. £90 £66-£115 2–4 hours

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Garden work prices

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