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Drainage repair specialists

Here we give you the signs that suggest you need a drainage repair specialist.

Overflowing gutters

Meaning dead leaves and other debris are blocking the escapes. Also when ts not raining you might see vertical streaks of dirt on the outside of gutters, mud spattered on sidings, or paint peeling off the house. Internally you might see mould in the corners of walls upstairs. If you don’t take action, overflowing gutters can rot siding, ruin paint jobs, and cause structural damage. You need a drainage repair specialist asap to avoid internal and external wall damage.

Water stains downstairs

Best case its just poor insulation, worst case the stain extends in a line around the basement. If that’s the case, you may be looking at a high-water mark caused by a fluctuating water table. Or, your basement floor lies below the level of municipal storm drains that back up during heavy rains.

Cracks in foundations

Foundations often have small cracks that appear as houses settle over time. Can be harmless but bigger cracks should be monitored closely - if cracks get larger than 1/8-inch wide you may have problems - a drainage problem may be upsetting the foundations.

Poorly drained soil

When soil doesn’t drain properly, rain runs off in sheets, carving gulleys in the landscape, dumping silt on pathways, and carrying piles of mulch or wood chips where they don’t belong.

To avoid expensive consequences if you see any of the above signs look to appoint a drainage repair specialist to conduct an inspection and take advice on what needs fixing.



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