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Builder or mover

You may be at that point with your home where you want to expand/develop your home but can't decide if it is better to simply more to a new house or stay put and do a home improvement project. Do you build or move?

Is a builder better value?

Whether you get in a builder or mover depends on a lot of things.

Firstly what makes a property valuable for sale? Estate agents have their own opinions but location and neighbourhood are very important factors.

But also other factors, like up to date damp proofing, good quality guttering, good pointing, secure roof tiles, a well-planned garden, a new bathroom, plenty of reception rooms, a modern kitchen; details that make a good first impression.

If these areas are in need of urgent work, it is probably better to at least first engage with a builder to bring the property up to a good standard. Problem is - you might then decide you just can't leave! :)

Builders for extensions

Anything you do to give your home additional living space will make it more appealing and could add more than 10% to its value. Having a garage will definitely draw them in, adding maybe 10-15% to the property value and central heating can add up to 15%.

Builders for room conversions

Having a second bathroom may add as much as 9% to the value of a property according to Nationwide, but only if it has several bedrooms. In a two-bedroom house this may be seen as a waste of valuable space.

One sure way to help a sale is to have a loft conversion, extension or conservatory.

Watch the budget

Remember, while many improvements have intrinsic value and will attract viewers, they won't always add real money. According to the FMB a new kitchen is one of the most popular home improvement projects, but keep your expenditure in proportion.

Splashing out on a £30,000 designer kitchen is great if there's a keen cook in the house, but this probably won't be recouped in a sale.


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