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Bathroom specialist and their design ideas

We spoke to a range of Bathroom specialists to see what design ideas they had.

Take a look through our range of pictures and comments. Not so much bathroom pictures but the elements of the bathroom; the colours, the light, the angles, the textures. But also important considerations like floor areas and hygiene.

Light and colour

Love this for the tones of colour and light reflections. You need to try and build this in to the brief with the bathroom specialist - how to design in the light and contrast of colours. Be bold.

Classic styles

Sometimes the old classic styles just never go out of syle, and a mix of classic and modern can really work well.


Maybe just me but I love the way this is so irregular and worn. Something I like to see in bathrooms, imperfections seem to give a room a uniqueness and style you just can't design in somtimes. As above, try to mix the old with the new in your bathroom. Bathroom specialists should be familiar with this approach.

Get a good loo

The loo needs to be quite stylish but also hygenic - get one where you can clean the floor around it easily, preferably one that is wall mounted so you can clean underneath.

Think surfaces wth your bathroom specialist

You need to plan out your surfaces. Often you ill need somewhere to put toiletries so that they're easily to hand, but also you may want a soothing bath surrounded by candles and wine, so think about building your bath in to a tile surround area.

Plan the floor area

Think about where you will stand when coming out of the bath and shower. Make sure you have enough drip areas.

We hope these few tips help.

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