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Bathroom shower installation

Before you organise a bathroom shower installation there are some important things to consiser first.

For some, bathroom showers are only for practical use - a quick wash before work or going out. But for others a bathroom shower is a relaxing break to switch off from the day. Either way, it’s an important part of our daily routine, so choosing the right shower is important, and finding the right bathroom specialist to carry out the work is key.

Electric, power or mixer bathroom showers

Favouring electric showers is the lower cost of electricity, only heating the water when you need it. The downside is the water flow can be limited.

Also in you are in a hard water area you will need to watch the limescale build up. This is more pronounced in an electric shower and may cause the shower to clog and stop working.

Favouring a power shower is the extra water pressure they produce with their built in pump, but they are more costly and still you could have the limescale problem.

A mixer shower offers the water pressure and less limescale issues, but come with a cost - rainshower type heads costing around £1200.

Design of your shower

The style of your shower is an integral part of the decision. Does the shower design need to integrate with a theme of the bathroom? For a contemporary feel hide the clutter by concealing the components behind walls or panels, chose a chrome finish for a contemporary yet timeless feel. If you want to go for a more traditional style, warmer metals like nickel, brass or copper will give a more antique, rustic vibe.

Bathroom space and if a shower can fit

If space is limited or showering is not something you prioritise, then you could opt for tucking your bathroom shower away in a corner cubicle or enclosure.

If the bath is the main feature of the bathroom, install the shower above it to save space. Or, if you want the shower to be the main feature, go for a freestanding shower.

Bathroom shower installation

So some of the things to consider for a bathroom shower installation have been outlined above.

It's a large undertaking but can add significant value to your property. So it is worth the stress, particularly when with Priceatrade you have full control of the specification and price.


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